An impressive 20+ year track record. Over 100,000 business professionals and attorneys trained. And thousands of organizations assisted realizing improved results and outcomes. Our clients vouch for the quality of our work and their thoughts-- speaks volumes...


Extremely thorough. Having been a novice to this criteria, it was an important day for my future. The use of repetitive language in your presentations is very effective and helps remember the information.

Jeff Rogers

Nike, Inc.

Portland, OR


Good mix of lecture and interactive exercises, delivered in a way that useful info was obtained regardless of the type of law practice someone has.

Belinda Reed Shannon


Research Triangle Park


I truly enjoyed the session and will definitely use the materials to prepare for negotiations in the future.

Carl Horton

GE Medical Systems

Brookfield, IL


Very effective, concise presentation. Great content. Appreciated the 'hows' along with the 'whys.'

Paul Waldman

Deloitte & Touche

Costa Mesa, CA


I wish I had taken this course earlier, both for personal negotiations and negotiations as an attorney.

Melissa (Berren) Costello

Bryan Cave

Phoenix, AZ


Thanks for something more lively than the drone of speaker after speaker with cloudy overheads – this was fun!

Sharon M. Winn

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont

Montpelier, VT


Excellent presentation. Very engaging. Kept my interest. Marty was enthusiastic, funny and came across as friendly and welcoming of his audience.

Kathleen Proctor

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Washington, DC


Well suited to time and subject matter. I will get immediate benefit.

Barry Grant

Meritage Homes

Sacramento, CA


Excellent lecture style and communication techniques. Wonderful information.

Carla Renee Williams

Bronx Community College

New York, NY


Great program. Good, concise and well organized approach. Very good exercises to reinforce course content.

Ernie McLean

Boral Industries, Inc.

Roswell, GA


Car repair example at beginning is a good way to kick off session. Real life examples/video clips are effectively integrated into training (i.e. Thomas Edison story). Case studies well organized and effective.

Tim Carter

Piper Jaffray & Co.

Minneapolis, MN


Excellent presentation. Lots of good ideas in a short period of time. I read the first chapter of the book and I look forward to reading the rest.

Sikander Visram

S. Visram Law Office

Vancouver, BC