LATZ Negotiation is available "on demand" for substantial or critical negotiation situations. Whether you and your team need coaching on how to best handle a game-changing deal, or want LATZ to serve on your team as your in-house negotiation expert - LATZ Negotiation is just a phone call away.

Coaching & Consulting Options include:

  • Individualized coaching designed to elevate individual negotiation skills to the next level
  • Team and group coaching sessions following a LATZ Negotiation live training to ensure continual skill development
  • Scenario-specific coaching to prepare teams or individuals for critical negotiations
  • In-house negotiation consulting to determine the most effective training and development options
  • Extended consulting engagements where our Experts and your team join forces for high-stakes negotiations or on-demand advice

"My team of Experts can actually become part of your team-thereby allowing your organization access to the highest level of negotiation talent, expertise, and knowledge"

- Marty Latz

Founder of LATZ Negotiation

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