How is the LATZ Negotiation training different from your competition?

First, we are based on an innovative proprietary negotiation system called LATZ’s Five Golden Rules of Negotiation, a research-based framework proven to increase your ability to achieve your greatest possible results (as opposed to just teaching an assortment of loosely-defined tactics).

Second, our Expert Presenters not only bring topnotch teaching skills to the program, they are independent negotiation experts in their own right - many of whom teach and are professors in the best law and business schools in the country.

And third, our Expert Presenters bring decades of real-world experience so you can optimize your outcomes with LATZ’s 5 Golden Rules. Your instructor is not a “corporate trainer,” but rather a front-line negotiator whose experience includes implementing the same strategies you will be taught, in high-stakes deals and through practice scenarios based on real negotiations.

Are there programs designed to help in terms of particular job function or type?

Yes. While we’re confident that our core negotiation programs can benefit all types of businesspeople, LATZ Negotiation also offers onsite specialty programs. So if you're a sales person - we have onsite programs designed specifically for the types of sales negotiation situations you will most likely encounter. If you're a procurement professional, we have a program to meet your needs as well. We also have programs designed for women and millennials. Call 866-686-LATZ for more details.

Is the program suitable for entry-level roles - such as a junior procurement representative or a new sales rep?

Yes. As Marty Latz often says, “experience does not equal expertise.” Instead, it’s about learning a strategic system so you negotiate based on the research versus doing it instinctively or intuitively. The sooner you do this in your career, the sooner you will achieve the benefits. So in one training session we can have a new college grad starting a first job, and a CEO who has negotiated hundreds of deals but has likely been doing it mostly instinctively. Each will find new and beneficial information, strategies, tactics, and approaches that will help them meet their respective goals.

Can your negotiation experts come to our offices?

Of course! Onsite programs allow our Expert Presenters to cater the program to real-world situations your staff encounters. Enjoy the convenience of onsite training, with the confidence that your organization's unique questions and issues can be openly shared.

My city is not listed on your schedule. Can I request your team come to our market?

We appreciate your interest in bringing LATZ Negotiation to your city! We can discuss the opportunity to bring a training program directly to your organization if you want, as we regularly do this with our Onsite Programs.  Or feel free to share your interest with our management team to see how we might best meet your request. Contact us to discuss!

Can I learn more about who will be teaching the session scheduled to in our city?

Simply visit your city on the registration page to read about your Expert Presenter's background - we're sure you will be impressed!

Is lunch included in the program fee?

Yes. Please let us know in advance if you have any dietary restrictions.

I’ve already attended other training programs - will I still learn something by attending a LATZ Negotiation program?

Yes. There is a vast difference between the LATZ Negotiation training program and that presented by others. Our program is based on LATZ’s 5 Golden Rules of Negotiation, a research-based proven strategic system versus the teaching of an assortment of loosely-defined tactics.

Are the programs interactive?

It’s one thing to understand these proven strategies and tactics. It’s quite another to actually put them into practice on the frontlines. All our programs are highly interactive, and they need to be so you can actually achieve the best possible results after the program ends. We have trained over 100,000 lawyers and business professionals and know how to do this effectively, while covering important material at a comfortable pace that will allow you to remember, retain and use what we teach. Small-group breakout sessions, videos, one-to-one exercises, and a host of other teaching approaches keep participants engaged and learning.

Why should I pay for live training when there are cheaper online options?

Online instruction platforms such as or provide a cost-effective starting point, but live interactive training is essential for game-changing skill development. In just a few hours, you’ll not only learn the LATZ Negotiation strategic principles, but you’ll also be applying them to simulate real-world deal making situations.



How does your program pricing compare to the competition?

Though our pricing is comparable to other programs, the LATZ Negotiation's strategic approach and the real world experience offered by our Expert Presenters provide, in our opinion, a much greater value and a more comprehensive learning experience.

Do you offer group pricing or a discount if I want to bring a co-worker?

We encourage groups of registrants, so you can continue to build on what you learn once you’re back in the workplace. With this in mind, we offer a group discount for 5 or more attendees registering together. Contact us  for details.

We had Marty Latz present at our company previously.  Are we then eligible for some type of discount?

We love repeat business. Depending on the type of program you are considering, you may be eligible for a loyalty discount. Contact us  for additional details.

Do I make a deposit or do I need to pay the entire fee upfront?

Payment in full is required at time of booking.

What form of payment is acceptable?

Major credit cards, most debit cards, and echecks.

What if I need to cancel and simply want a refund?

Refunds are not available but we can most definitely transfer your credit to another individual or another date/location.

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes! If you're not happy with a program, you can repeat it once for free.