Imagine it. Your team possessing highly-developed negotiation skills built upon a singular proven effective negotiation process -- powerfully executed across your entire organization. 
Now imagine optimized internal operations, new business secured, and incremental contributions to your bottom line.
At LATZ Negotiation, our onsite training programs provide an opportunity for your entire team to adopt a proven and effective negotiation program. And with programs ranging from one- and two-day seminars, to one-on-one coaching, and even multi-month learning and development engagements, negotiation skills can be developed at your organization's place, pace, and preference.
Whether catered to the needs of a functional role, a single department, or inclusive of an entire organization, LATZ Negotiation will guide your team along the path to more successful negotiations right on your own turf - confidentially and comfortably.
Top 5 Benefits for Hosting a LATZ Training Program Onsite:

Singular Focus on Your Team's Training Needs

We exclusively focus on your team's unique and specific needs in order to achieve maximum results.

On Your Schedule

You decide time, date, and duration. What works best for you -- works for LATZ.

Can be More Cost Effective

Bypass travel-related expenses by keeping your staff in-market.

Stay Close to Home

We come straight to your offices, making it incredibly convenient for your entire team.

Effective & Confidential Learning

You can be assured that your trade secrets are safe with us. Confidential conversations and proprietary discussions remain within your organization's four walls.

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Keynotes Designed to Engage, Inspire & Motivate.

Marty Latz and other Expert Presenters are available for informative, entertaining, and high-energy keynote addresses. During these 30-, 60-, and 90-minute addresses, your audience will learn tips, strategies, and tactics to be more strategic and more effective negotiators. Keynotes can also be customized to tie in with your event theme or message, leaving your audience with a productive and meaningful experience.

Customized Programs & Training

Uniquely Designed to Meet the Needs of Your Organization.
LATZ Custom Solutions can provide you and your team with the exact negotiation curriculum needed to achieve true game-changing results. Each custom program begins with a comprehensive intake of your business objectives followed by the development of programming designed to meet those exact goals. By far our most intensive program, you'll be able to take your team's negotiation skills development far beyond the ordinary.