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The LATZ Expert Negotiator Video Series


Negotiations: Understanding the Process

Understanding negotiations as a holistic process is critical to your success and subsequently meeting your goals and objectives. Gain insight on the LATZ Negotiation process and how you can make it work for you.

Negotiations: How to Harness It to Your Advantage

Discover how you can harness your own power to give you the advantage in any negotiation situation. Whether negotiating a new business deal, vying for a raise at work, or even buying a new car, learn how you can maintain power throughout any situation.

Negotiations: Maximize Your Leverage

To become an effective negotiator, you need to understand leverage and how to make it work for you within any deal. Learn how to identify and optimize your leverage to get exactly what you want.

The LATZ Negotiation Learning Library

Negotiations In-Person, Phone, or Emails? How to Know Your Best Option

How we conduct business continues to evolve, with more deal making, than ever before, being conducted remotely. For your next negotiation, learn how to identify which communication option will be your best choice and which to avoid at all cost.

Are You Playing at the Top of Your Game? Why Mental Focus is Critical

Most business professionals agree, the difference between negotiating the deal you want and one that falls at little short, can be attributed to your mental fitness. Learn top tactics and techniques to ensure your mental focus is on-point and on-target.

Keeping Your Cool - How to Temper Anger During Negotiations

When negotiating, your ability to stay calm and remain cool, is mission critical. Learn how to master calming strategies you can confidently deploy when the temperature rises during your next visit to the negotiating table.

How to Use Your Strength to Get the Deal

We all have strengths. And it is during the negotiation process that these strengths can either benefit us or conversely, fail us. Learn how you can claim your power -- in order to gain the cometitive edge.

Master the Stages Needed to Build Trust

We all know that building trust is critical in business; but exactly how do you master this invaluable intangible so that you can establish it and most importantly, maintain it with your counterparts.  

"Split the Difference" Can Translate as "Lose the Edge"

Conventional wisdom says to 'split the difference' when negotiating in order to get the deal done - but learn why this strategy may not be your best option.

Active Listening is Critical to Successful Negotiating

When actively negotiating, we often are so consumed by wanting to convey what we need out of the deal, that we overlook what our counterpart is saying. Learn how active listening can be your best strategy.

How to Advance Your Negotiations With the 'Big Schmooze'

The ability to effectively schmooze is an underappreciated skill within the negotiation process - but do you know when you should activate your schmooze skills? Learn when you should turn on the charm and or not.

Why Agenda Control Aids the Negotiation Process

Think having an agenda is not really necessary to get optimal results from your next deal? Learn how even a simple might change your thinking to where you'll never negotiate without an agenda ever again.

The LATZ Expert Negotiator Audio Series


Marty Latz Discusses Negotiating for the White House

Get an insider's look at what it takes to conduct negotiations on behalf of the White House. The skills, the strategies, and the mindset needed to effectively work in one of the most stressful workplaces in the world!

Marty Latz on Trump’s Negotiation Record - the Wins & the Losses

After researching and studying countless Trump deals, Marty Latz provides his thoughts on what negotiations Trump has effectively executed and those where he may have fallen short. Interesting conversation from a negotiation experts perspective!