Our Fundamental Belief

We know what it's like to anxiously sit across from a counterpart at the negotiating table. We know what it's like to weigh deal points and options for hours on end. And we most certainly know the joy and sheer elation when striking a deal with optimal results - and the crushing sense of defeat when we come up a little short.

But through it all, our fundamental belief is that we must approach each negotiating opportunity and Expect to Succeed. And it is with this most fundamental belief that we attempt to inspire each individual, organization, and association with which we work.

So in addition to our innovative negotiation training system, our real world negotiation experts, and our programs, tools, and resources, our most valuable asset is our ability to inspire others to Expect to Succeed with each and every deal.

Expert Presenters

The World's Best Negotiators Teach for LATZ

LATZ Expert Presenters are highly skilled negotiators in the private and public sectors, and faculty at the nation's top universities. You'll benefit from decades of wisdom and experience, stories from the front lines, and an arsenal of tips and tools to apply the LATZ strategy in your own negotiations.

Meet the Board of Experts

LATZ Negotiation's Board of Experts features some of the most recognized and respected experts in the negotiation space. With diverse backgrounds, experience, and expertise, they hail from academia, business, and law - but possess one, singular attribute; their deep commitment to creating more effective negotiators.

Dr. Robert Cialdini

Psychologist, Speaker, Professor, & Author of NYT Bestsellers Influence and Pre-Suasion

Prof. Charles B. Craver

Author of Critically Acclaimed Books on Negotiation Used in Negotiation Courses in over 50 Law Schools

Professor Clark Freshman

Professor of Law at University of California-Hastings, Speaker at Harvard Law School, Yale Law School, and UCLA Law

Dr. Roy J. Lewicki

Professor at The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business and Author, or Editor to 30+ Books on Negotiation

Prof. Andrea K. Schneider

Professor of Law at Marquette Law School Co-Editor, The Negotiator’s Fieldbook (2006)

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