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If you're in business, you're a negotiator; from equipment leases and healthcare benefits, to critical deals and managing relationships, having effective negotiation skills can give you the edge. How do your negotiation skills stack up to your counterparts?

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Effective Negotiations Require
Effective Training.

After attending a LATZ Negotiation seminar, you'll never look at a negotiation quite the same again. And you certainly won’t fear one. With our strategies and your commitment, you'll be transformed into a confident force the next time you take your seat at the negotiating table.   

Onsite Training Programs

Sales. Procurement. Legal.
Just to Name a Few.

Onsite and specialty programs range from those created for functional roles such as sales, designed exclusively for law firm litigators or transactional lawyers, women or millennials, or customized to meet the unique needs of your organization. We'll guide, prepare, and lead your team to more successful negotiations.

Coaching & Consulting

Add a LATZ Expert to Your Team.

LATZ Negotiation is available to be a key player on your team. With coaches to work one-on-one with your staff to seasoned consultants to assist with multi-million dollar mergers and acquisitions
- we're ready to fortify your team.


The LATZ Difference

Just like any other business skill, learning to be an effective negotiator requires personal commitment and credible guidance backed by solid research-based strategy. With LATZ, you’ll learn the latest proven strategies from our uniquely qualified Expert Presenters, who bring real-world experience and sterling academic credentials. Plus, you’ll be supported by a critically-acclaimed ecosystem of programs, products and digital e-learning tools. In short, everything you need to Gain the Edge!®


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FREE videos, articles, audio interviews and much more. The Latz Resource Center offers unlimited access to a continually growing collection of study materials, including tips and techniques from the Latz Negotiation team of experts


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