LATZ Negotiation's one- and two-day negotiation seminars are designed for maximum impact and lasting results.

With our Gain the Edge!® Negotiation Strategies seminars, you'll learn how to negotiate strategically vs. instinctively based on the experts' proven research. Negotiating strategically will empower you to achieve your best possible results - both professionally and personally.

Learn from Real World Negotiation Experts

Each Gain the Edge session is led by a certified LATZ Expert Presenter, as opposed to corporate trainers. LATZ Expert Presenters are leading negotiation experts in the private and public sectors, and on faculty at the country's top business and law schools. You'll benefit from their experience, absorbing their expertise, and literally be learning directly from the world's best negotiators.

A Proven Methodology

While many training programs focus on the teaching several disconnected tactical games with little relationship to research-based strategies, the LATZ Negotiation proven methodology provides a practical system based on solid research done over the last 40 years in the world's top institutions, including Harvard Law School, where founder Marty Latz received his negotiation training and graduated cum laude.

You'll be introduced to the LATZ Negotiation Five Golden Rules, the foundation of the LATZ Negotiation training system. This easy-to-understand proprietary process serves as the strategic template for all LATZ Negotiation's training efforts, ensuring that every participant learns when, where, how, why and under what circumstances to use these powerful high-impact negotiation strategies. Only by gaining these insights will you increase your likelihood of achieving your best possible outcomes - in business and personally as well.

Learn by Doing

There's a vast difference between possessing a basic knowledge of negotiation strategies, and being able to execute effective strategies in high-risk, high-pressure situations.

That’s why each Gain the Edge program features practical, hands-on activities and interactive exercises designed to help you master the materials presented. By using this approach, participants learn in a risk-free environment while preparing to put into practice their newly developed, real-world skills when required at the negotiation table.

Gain the Edge in your Negotiations. It’s your turn to succeed.

What You'll Learn

LATZ’s 5 Golden Rules of Negotiation

The power of information and effective information-gathering methods

Ways to gain leverage when seemingly powerless

1st offer dynamics – when to make it and when to wait

When to share information – and when to keep it

Secrets to success in emotionally charged negotiations

Tips on timing and using deadlines to your advantage

Strategies to get past “No” – if all appears lost

When to hold – and when to fold


Who Should Attend

Sales Professionals

Procurement or Purchasing Professionals


Project Managers

Human Resources Personnel

Real Estate Professionals


Small Business Owners